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Your questions, answered

We routinely get asked questions about the cover provided under the Surveying Equipment Insurance policy. Here are some recent questions we have been asked, together with our responses.

If you are working with your equipment but are not physically standing next to the equipment then you would be insured in the event that the equipment is damaged or stolen. Provided you are genuinely still working with the equipment you would then be insured.

You would not be insured if you left your equipment on site unattended if, for example, you disappear for a cup of tea or a lunch time break because you are clearly not then working with the equipment and it would not be reasonable for an Insurer to cover a claim in this scenario.

No. Cover is not provided for any Surveying Equipment when it’s left in unattended vehicles overnight (between the hours of 9.00pm and 6.00am), and therefore you must remove your Surveying Equipment, Laptop Computers, Mobile Phones etc., from unattended vehicles overnight and keep them in your locked premises.
Yes, cover is provided for theft from an unattended vehicle subject to all Surveying Equipment being out of sight from the exterior of the vehicle and that all protections fitted to the vehicle are in full and effective at all times. Cover is restricted to losses that occur between the hours of 6.00am and 9.00pm.
Yes, the policy is issued on an ‘All Risks’ cover basis.
The Insurer includes these as part of their standard Office Package Insurance. The Insurance rating is based on your General Contents value, and you are not therefore paying any extra for the additional covers that are automatically included.
Yes, a liability section of cover is automatically included within the Office Package Insurance. Public Liability starts at £2m but we can quote for £5m as well. Employers Liability is included at a standard amount of £10m.
Yes, but only if the hired surveying equipment is essential to allow you to keep trading.